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Side Projects.


If you’re invested in what you do, and the desire to do it better consumes you it takes a great deal of energy out of you. Part of what keeps me fresh and happy is having a side project or hobby that gives me a different perspective, and helps me learn new skills.
The following examples are very much in their early stages and somewhat experimental but have been great learning opportunities and have helped me find courage and motivation to try many other new things.
DJI Mavic Pro
Aerial Videography
Podcast Website Screenshot
Movie Review Podcast

Recent Work.

I’d love to share my work with you, but need to send you an individual link. Go ahead and shoot me your info below so you can see the cool things I’ve been working on.

Other Work.

Jack of All Trades.

My current position has me doing photography, graphic design, and the occasional video as well which means I have a significant number of pretty pictures and designs too.